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About the insect net glasses

The solution against mosquitos and biting midges. Nothing is worse than bloodthirsty mosquitos or biting midges when you are out in the nature. A normal head net prevents a clear view, but our Insect Net Glasses unify a clear view and optimal protection from mosquitos and biting midges.

The mesh in the net is so fine that neither mosquitos nor biting midges can pass through. People that only use a normal mosquito net will continue to be irritated from the blurred view. One could cut holes in the net to create a clear view, but then the insects would be able to pass through those holes. And what is worse, they can’t find their way out again, and thus start to attack the skin on your face.

In principal, the Insect Net Glasses are a simple product, where the frame of the glasses has been elegantly embedded with the net. Although the idea might seem simple at first, when studying the product more thoroughly, one will realize that there is a lot of thought and ingenuity behind.

As an ex ample, it is important that the net does not become separated from the frame, in case a branch gets caught in the net. Because of the unique way in which the Insect Net Glasses have been assembled, you are guaranteed a product where the fram and the net are joined in such a way, so that the net can only be removed from the frame by use of excessive force. Furthermore, the individual parts, including the nets, clear glass, frame, polaroid, prescription lenses are carefully selected for the purpose.

The net

Can be made with two kinds of Nets: Mosquito-proof or Midges-proof:

Mosquito-Proof is a net with a mesh of appox. 1 mm, which is resistant to mosquitos and larger insects.

Midges-Proof is a net where the mesh is approx. 0,5 mm, which is resistant to midges of all kinds, as well as larger insects. If you plan to spend time in sump areas or woods, the midge-proof net is ideal.

Frame of the glasses

The whole frame, incl. hinges, are produced in a flexible and strong plastic polyamide, ensuring a durable product.

Glasses without strenght

Eyeglasses without strength:
Polyamide glass lenses (without strength) can be used by anyone who does not always wear glasses.

Polaroid Sunglass without strength:
7-layer laminated glass with full UV protection. Used by anglers, enabling them to better see the water surface.

Prescription Lenses

Eyeglasses with strenght:
Quality glass in CR39, with or without polaroid from reputable suppliers, Carl Zeiss and/or Hoya. CR39 is the most widely used prescription glasses material, as it is easy to clean, scratch-resistant and 100% UV protection

Prescription Lenses Polaroid:
Quality glass in CR 39 with full UV protection from recognized suppliers, Carl Zeiss and/or Hoya. Used by anglers, enabling them to better see the water surface. CR 39 is the most widely used prescription glasses material, as it is easy to clean, scratch resistant and 100% UV protection.

Tips and guidelines for use

  1. Since mosquitoes and midges are very targeted and ambitious when it comes to finding blood, it may be advantageous to use a wide-brimmed hat and under the Insect Net Glasses. That way you get the net away from the ears, and the insects can’t pierce the net. The Insect Net Glases ar big enough to carry a wide-brimmed hat.

  2. Take on glasses first and then pull the insect net over your head or hat.

The product is patented.