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About us

Karnord Aps is a small start-up, where the product was invented by accident.

Having been a hunter for many, I have, like many other hunters, been bothered and irritated by mosquitos and biting midges. Biting midges are probably the biggest irritation in the nature – they leave nasty bites that are itchy up to several days after.

So I am sitting there, a quiet summer evening looking for a Roe-Buck in the woods, accompanied by a horde of biting midges and mosquitos. Because I was wearing a standard mosquito net, the visibility through this fine net was extremely bad. In that instant I thought to myself: “This can’t be worse! – Hunters (and others with exposure to the nature) should be able to have clear visibility without being bothered by Insects”. Then I realized – how about combining glasses or goggle with a mosquito net. By mounting the net to a pair of glasses, the first prototypes were made. Unfortunately without a reliable and useable product.

The next step in the process involved contacting a good friend of mine, who, because of his professional career as an optician, could provide unique insight on how to improve my product. Several methods of how to mount the net to the glasses were tested, and after many trials, the final product was ready. The Insect Net Glasses were created. The product has proved itself useful throughout countless hunting trips, providing a clear view and an optimal protection from insects.

But what do we do for those Hunters who normally use glasses. Obviously, they can’t be wearing two pairs of glasses at the same time. My good friend, the optician, takes over and says: “We just order the glasses with prescription lenses, so that we can tailor the Insect Net Glasses to each individual customer”.

A neighbour (and a good friend) sees the insectnetglass and says: “This is smart! You should sell it, so that others can get the joy of using it”. After a few months, I decided to move on with the project. Next step would be to apply for a patent. The patent is now done and approved by the Danish Patent and Trademark Office.

The final step was to start selling the Insect Net Glasses, but before that, many issues were still to be resolved, i.e. capital, purchase of raw materials, manufacturing, VAT No, accountant, webpage, sales, marketing, packaging, and payment – the list keeps going.

For a hunter with nothing but a wish for a clear view with no irritating insects, many things were to be considered. Luckily, Karnord Aps is now selling Insect Net Glasses to all people with a wish to be free from mosquito, midges, and other insects in the nature.