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Midge-proof head net with eyeglass lenses

Insect net glasses with midge-proof head net. Lenses with no strength – clear view. Mostly used by hunters.

£ 39,61

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Nothing is worse than bloodthirsty mosquitos or biting midges when you are out in the nature. A normal head net prevents a clear view, but our Insect Net Glasses unify a clear view and optimal protection from mosquitos and biting midges.

The mesh in the net is so fine that neither mosquitos nor biting midges can pass through.

People that only use a normal mosquito net will continue to be irritated from the blurred view. One could cut holes in the net to create a clear view, but then the insects would be able to pass through those holes. And what is worse, they can’t find their way out again, and thus start to attack the skin on your face.

Insect Net Glasses in polaroid (sunglass) with both strength and reading field can, at this point in time, unfortunately not be made.

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